Thank you Maryon for the wonderful meditation teaching you provided for me! I have not been the same since. For a few years, I read about meditation and even tried it a little, but was unable to really incorporate it into my daily life. Your class gave me the tools I needed to actually sit in the “pause”.  To be fully conscious and awake, yet have my mind quiet and calm. How this has affected me is subtle yet profound. I feel, somehow, more awake. More aware. I’m sleeping better and feel calmer. My husband of almost 45 years, and he knows me better than probably anyone, said that I seem “happier” and I’m “nicer”! LOL That is good for both of us! Maryon’s method of teaching is so gentle, loving, and kind. I highly recommend Maryon’s class to anyone that wants to seek a higher level of consciousness or even just wants to get a better nights sleep!  Namaste 🙏❤️🙏 Kathy B

This Yoga Nidra was exactly what I have been wanting in my life… A way to completely slow down and Pause… I had an experience of being conscious while being totally relaxed. I have only experienced this one other time in my life. I was doing savasana while in the Himalayas 40 yrs. ago. I felt as though I left my body and levitated. Until now I have searched teachings in which I could have a similar experience. With Maryon’s Yoga Nidra I was able to be in that relaxed space.  It was something I will never forget Maryon’s Yoga Nidra was the best class I have experienced in years.  The alternate breath method really works.  It knocked my socks off.  — Beverly B.

Introduction to Yoga Nidra was a very informative course in relaxation of body and mind. I had previously taken a similar course, and in this course I “felt” the experience of going into Yoga Nidra.  The remarks on breathing were easy to follow and understand. I felt grounded in the experience and philosophy which took me to a deep place within myself, very gently.
Maryon is a skilled guide and teacher. I look forward to the next workshop and classes with her.  — Carol MFT

Maryon´s teaching. I remember my first hatha class with her, how she lovingly approached me to provide a wonderful adjustment. Her suggestions on how to go deeper in the postures are great and offer opportunity for people of all levels and body shapes to go deeper into self-awareness and contemplation in her classes.  — Maria, Rishikesh/Portugal

I participated in Maryon’s Yoga Nidra workshop on Sunday. I cannot remember when I spent a more nurturing three hours on myself. She is a gifted teacher, has a soothing disposition and led our group in a most blissful meditation. Bring on some more Maryon, we need more of your work in the world.  — Laurie J.

Having spent 3 hours in a class with Maryon and her Yoga Nidra teaching, I found it to be a soothing and informative way to spent my time.  Maryon is a gifted teacher who has incorporated this beautiful and rich practice deep into herself and gives it back in a clear, gentle and thoughtful manner.  A part of me felt as though I was transported to her Ashram in India.  — Lora A.