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Maryon Maass is an experienced Yoga, (Himalayan Tradition and Iyengar), and Feldenkrais teacher. She has also studied the art of healing Qi Gong. She studies the subtleties of body and mind, through the observation of the body, breath, and through the emotions. She leads us through subtle energies for relaxation and peace of mind.

Maryon is an experienced hatha yoga and meditation. She is trained in Feldenkrais and Qi Gong , and Restorative Yoga by Judith Lasater. She has studied hatha since 1976. She lived in Rishikesh, India for 8 years (2007-2015), studying with Swami Veda Bharati, a renowned Vedic master adept in the intellectual and practical knowledge of yoga whose commentaries on the yoga sutras are the most regarded in the world. A disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas founder of BIO-FEEDBACK . Has also studied with BKS Iyengar, in Pune India 1985. Trained in BKS Iyengar yoga and assisted Judith Lasater Ph.D. PT.. While in India she developed the Teacher Training Program for the Himalayan Yoga Tradition Teacher Training, and was the office manager for this international TTP. Is currently mentoring students around the world.

Loves teaching movements slowly with the breath. Teaches hatha yoga and/ meditation to beginning and intermediate students as well as people with chronic conditions.

Has experience in training and teaching internationally. Teaches workshops, holds sessions with private clients and teaches at corporate facilities as well.

Her passion is to guide people to an inward journey. To help them find balance, peace and a refreshed sense of themselves.

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2016 May–December
Ongoing practice meditation , monthly at “The Art of Meditation”.

2016 June–Kaiser for stroke patients

2015–2016 Golden Yoga Method
Restorative Yoga and Meditation

2016 April – , Brisbane, CA.
Alternate Nostril Breathing for concentration and relaxation to office staff.

2003–Present –The Yoga and Movement Center
Beginning Meditation courses and series taught regularly. Located in Walnut Creek California. Currently booked to the end of 2016 for “ The Art of Meditation” with practice sessions. Located on Locust Street Walnut Creek, California. Teach Hatha Yoga, Beginning Meditation and Yoga Nidra workshops. Substitute teacher for Level 1-3 Diane Valentine, Director

2007–2015 Himalayan Yoga Tradition Teacher Training Program ( HYT-TTP)
Registered ERYT-500 of, Office Manager and coordinator for international yoga teacher training programs. Was and still is Faculty and teaches and mentors students for HYT-TTP.

1976–2007 Self Employed. Maryon Maass Studio
San Francisco, California and 3263 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, California. Hairdressing/ Wellness with Feldenkrais and Yoga, private studio

1981–1986 Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training
San Francisco, CA. Pune, India to the ashram with Mr. Iyengar , Geeta and Prashant.

Studies Relax and Renew with Judith Lasater Ph.D. for restorative health and healing, From 1981-1996 assisting in classes for special needs. As well as her public classes.

Massage Therapy Certification
San Francisco School of Massage, 1989

1992–1996 Feldenkrais Training
from, (ISSE), Institute for the Study of Somatic Education, Paul Rubin and Julie Casson-Rubin, San Francisco, California

Feldenkrais Teachers – Russell Delman, Corte Madera and Petaluma, California, Embodied Life. Ruthy Alon, Bones for life. On going trainings annually at Feldenkrais Resources

2001–2006 Qi Gong Training
Master Hong Liu ,(Medical Doctor Shanghai). Trained in in the subtleties of the Qi energies for healing. San Francisco, California

1999–2007 Kaiser Permanent
Taught hatha yoga for members and staff. Held workshops in pranic breathing for stress, and demonstrations on the effects of breath in daily life and how to incorporate that into the medical model.

1997–2006 YMCA
Oakland and San Francisco 1998- 2006 hatha classes and Feldenkrais classes.

2015–Present The Golden Yoga Method, Novato, California
Teaching Restorative Yoga and Substitute classes from Meditation to flow classes in Hatha.


1986–1988 San Francisco Art Institute

1983–1986 San Francisco State University, Cultural and Biological Anthropology, Media

1985 UC Berkeley Extension, Logics

Other classes at UC Berkeley, College Park , Maryland.


Teacher of Beginning Yoga and Meditation. Senior Teacher in yoga teacher training programs ERYT-500, and mentoring. Teaches breath and mindfulness. Somatic Care for maintaining healthy bodies and mind.

Hairdressing and Haircutting, Fashion Consulting and photo styling, Makeup. Fashion Shows. Teaching and Training Hair cutting to stylists. Self Employed from 1976.

Management and Organizing, Manager at Yosh for Hair 1972-76

Event Planner. Created many events, the largest at Dominican College auditorium for Jazz artist Gary Boggs

Health, Movement and Diet consulting, Ayurveda as taught by Vasant Lad and Sheila Wagner PT, Naturopathy, Larkspur, CA


Judith Lasater Ph. D, Yoga Teacher, San Francisco, California. Stephan Parker Ph.D , Yoga Teacher, Psychologist , Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA,

Jan Semling, Homemaker, mother, meditation teacher , Marin County, California

Diane Valentine-Director and owner of The Yoga and Movement Center. Walnut Creek.

Janet Brown, Investment Manager, FundX , San Francisco, California

Tina Dreyer, Chef and Gardener, Woodside, California, Toni Montez , Yoga Teacher, Oakland, California. Jonathan Dreyer , Belmont.

Dr. Pratibha Mamgain MD., Ayurveda Dr. Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, Dehradun , India ( )

Praful Sakalani, Owner, President of

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Maryon’s Teachers

Swami Rama                      Swami Veda                                                           Swami Nitya

Swami Rama   Swami Veda   Swami Nitya