Yoga at Your Parkinson’s Support Group

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Yoga at Your Parkinson’s Support Group

 Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Come, learn, and mingle with friends and new members alike while practicing easy Yoga breathing to improve flexibility and strength of body and mind with Maryon Maass.

Kaiser Permanente
4141 Geary Boulevard Room F2
San Francisco, CA 94118

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Bring your stories, share your memories, ask your questions, and join us to support our community

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Kaiser for Stoke Patients

yoga_meditation_breathingKaiser has a regular monthly meeting for stroke patients. Last week (July 27) I presented a class for members and their caretakers. I explained what yoga is, and how practicing the “art of yoga” can effectively help with many physical and cognitive issues.

I covered topics, such as the use of the breath, and how the nostrils are a way to understand the relationship of the breath to the brain, then the mind, and the emotions. This understanding can make huge differences in ones energy levels.

Also covered the simplest of exercises called joints and glands. These movements were possible for each of the participants who were there, whether they were able to stand or sit. We used visualizations for those who were not able to physically move.

The participants and the social worker felt that the class was very useful and they had very practical experiences to take with them to use on a daily basis.

Back Care Yoga [Level 1-3]

This Iyengar based class is specifically developed to care for the back through a series of asanas designed to create a supportive posture, core strengthening and flexibility as well as develop awareness in how we can care for our back. The Back Care class is suitable for those with injuries as well as anyone wanting to take good care of their back.

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